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‘e-Procurement uses web-based technology to enable goods and services to be

ordered directly from desktop PCs then automatically routed for approval and onto the supplier.

It is not about automating existing practices but a means of using technology

to take costs out of the procurement process and empower end users to access this technology

e Enablement improvements drive improved spend information, and intelligent




e-tendering CTM

ELPD currently use CTM e-Tendering tool which enables the electronic tendering of all local procurement Projects

Contract Management  - NEXUS

ELPD use GHX Nexus Contract Management Tool as the preferred Contract Management tool. This enables the management of  all local, NHS Shared Business Service Commercial Procurement Solutions  (NHS SBS CPS), and NHSSC contracts with line item detail where required

Spend Management

Spend data is gathered from Trusts' 'Accounts Payable ledgers, and is reported via Business Objects and The Advisory Board Spend Compass (Business reporting tool). This identifies the trusts spend with suppliers, at a high level data. Where Purchase Order data is available, this shows what was bought from the supplier, and is vital for spend management.

E Procurement


E procurement/e requisitioning –is  a procurement module which enables  trusts to select, requisition, approve, order, receipt, match and pay for goods and services elctronically

East Lancashire Hospitals have  implemented the E procurement module of Advanced Business Solutions (ABS)  E Financials system on an electronic requisitioning, GHX Nexus for Catalogue and Contract management and GHX Exchange for the electronic tramsmission of Purchase Orders.  East Lancashire Finacial Services (ELFS) take care of subsequent processing and administration of the invoice payments in line with your cashflow and payment requirements,
utilising Web enabled OCR scanning technology and workflow solution for invoice approval and authorisation.

Copy and paste the link below in Chrome browser to access e-Procurement.


Catalogue Management


GHX Nexus -Catalogue Management Solution

ELPD have worked  in partnership with Advanced Business Solutions, SBS CPS and GHX to develop the integration with ABS E-Procurement module and  GHX Nexus Catalogue Management Tool


This enables all of the items that a trust buys to be managed via one route.  Local, SBS CPS and NHSSC contracted  items can all be pulled down, to provide a full range of all products ordered by the trust. This results in good quality information – product code/description and enriched data to enable “right first time” ordering and links to contract references driving compliance to contracts


Supports clinical governance with only approved products available, identifies alternative routes of delivery, eg better to procure through NHSSC or direct from supplier


Links to the e procurement P2P system, where end users can then order


Leading to Operational processing efficiency i.e. right information on req = right information on order = right information on invoice = prompt match and payment.

GHX Exchange – a document portal enabling electronic transfer of documents between trust and supplier



ELPD have worked  in partnership with Advanced Business Solutions, SBS CPS and GHX to develop the integration with ABS E-Procurement module and  GHX Exchange


This enables one point of connection for the Trust to send out Purchase Orders, and to receive one “Ready to Pay” file of Invoices.


Suppliers benefit from improved content on PO (sourced from catalogue).


Business rules are set up for each Supplier to ensure delivery of PO as appropriate (eg xml – email)


Benefit - PO tracking visible to local Procurement team, ensuring POs are delivered to supplier, with audit trail.

For more details please contact:

Diane Mitton - Systems and Supply Chain Manager - Service & Business Development 01254 733170



East Lancashire Procurement Department


NHS Shared Business Service Commercial Procurement Solutions - Regional Commercial Projects/Contracts & E Commerce


Advanced Business Solutions - Purchase to Pay System Provider


Purchase to Pay - the process from raising Purchase request through to paymant of invoice


Global Health Exchange Nexus Contract/Catalogue software provider


Catalogue and Contract Management Tool available via Membership to NHS SBS CPS


NHS Supply Chain - On line ordering, Catalogue and Contract portal


East Lancashire Finacial Services

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